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About the Development

Odeno is a beautiful neighborhood with mature trees, yet close to shopping, groceries, parks, dining and more. Odeno (pronounced OH-deh-noh) means “place of many hearts,” and has been intentionally designed to respect the uniqueness of the existing landscape, as well as enhance the lives of future residents. 

Odeno will feature three miles of nature trails that will lead residents through wooded and wildlife corridors, past ponds and creeks, and over softly undulating streets. The neighborhood also features small parks, gazebos, extra-wide pedestrian-friendly roads, and honors the natural and woodsy overall feel of the land. Selective tree clearing has also allowed many tall and mature trees to remain, providing shade and beauty throughout.

Proudly collaborating with proven local builder, Ron Stroup of Timber Run Associates LLC, Odeno currently offers 10 different home plans from which to choose. All Odeno homes are energy-efficient, and several showcase homes are at or near the move-in ready stage.

Thanks to the developer’s willingness to carry the cost of construction, mortgaging buyers may use conventional financing. By avoiding the often high down payments and headaches of construction loans, the process of purchasing a home in Odeno is that much more seamless.

Preparing the Land

With typical new development, the land is cleared completely of trees and foliage because it’s easier for the builder to get vehicles and materials to and from the site. However, the Odeno development has selectively cut to leave the mature trees intact.

This means you won’t have to wait 20 years to have shade and tall, beautiful trees because they’re already there. In fact, selectively cutting trees can end up being better for the health of the woods.

Strategic Development

A lot of careful thought and planning went into the design and development of the Odeno development land. The designers at Timber Run Associates, LLC had the goals of keeping as much of the beautiful vegetation as possible, and incorporating walking trails that will take residents through woods and past ponds and creeks. They have placed an importance on being environmentally friendly both in the landscape and construction during the whole building process. And the result is a gorgeous neighborhood with a very natural and woodsy feel. You’ll have to pay us a visit soon!