About the Development

Odeno is a unique neighborhood with mature trees, winding roads and community green space. Odeno (pronounced OH-deh-noh) means “place of many hearts” and has been designed with respect to the natural landscape of the site in a way that connects residents with opportunities to enjoy it.

Odeno offers nature trails that wind through the neighborhood, in and out of the woods, past the ponds and community gazebos, and next to Stevens Creek. The neighborhood offers pedestrian friendly roads with one side wider than the other marked with a bike emblem.

Great detail in planning Odeno has resulted in leaving mature trees, tall pines, and green spaces throughout. This attention to detail gives Odeno a unique feeling compared to most ‘new’ neighborhoods.

Building is made easy- choose your lot, your plan from our collection and your finishes. The developer carries the cost of construction and the homeowner obtains a Conventional, VA, or FHA mortgage to close on the home once its complete. This saves the cost and headache of a construction loan and offers homeowners one simple closing to end the seamless building process.

Preparing the Land

Most new developments are cleared of all trees and excavated to a flat surface. This allows builders to save costs and build homes and roads more easily. However, special care was taken in the development of Odeno to maintain wooded areas and natural contours of the land. Selective tree cutting has allowed mature trees to flourish and provide natural beauty, shade and animal habitat.

This intentional preparation of the land has resulted in a ‘new’ neighborhood with mature trees and natural contours of the land that you won’t find anywhere else.

Strategic Development

Detailed planning and intentional development of the land at Odeno has resulted in a neighborhood that embraces natural spaces and wooded common areas. From the professionally landscaped boulevard entrance to the natural walking trails through the woods and along the pond, you’ll feel the difference!

Phase 2 model home coming soon for open houses. Contact us for a list of current homes or to view homes under construction.